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Benefits of Pendant Lighting

Firstly, pendant lights have the ability to act as spotlights. If you set one up correctly, the light can be projected to a singular spot. Doing so draws attention to whatever is under the spotlight. You can use these to emphasise an important picture, painting, sculpture or whatever else you wish to bring attention to. 

Pendant lights also have the ability to project light from the ceiling to the floor or vice versa. You can use them as either a primary light source or a secondary light source. Using a pendant light as secondary lighting adds a unique effect to the room which will impress anyone. 

Pendant lights also don’t consume any floor space. They can be hung from high ceilings in such a way that they provide ample lighting without getting in the way as you walk around. 

Using pendant lights can bring a big advantage for small businesses as well. Office spaces tend to be quite depressing and dim – a pendant light provides excellent lighting over a desk and improves the aesthetic and mood of the room it is placed in.


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