E26 LED Light Bulbs Set of 4


Save your money with these Led light bulbs

The E26 Led bulb is Equivalent to 60 Watt incandescent light bulb, using only 6 watt, save 90% electricity

Long lifespan

Turn on at full brightness with 660 lumens and low power consumption provides over 20,000 hours lifespan, reducing re-lamp frequency

Excellent performance

2700K is visually pleasing, soft on eyes. Led Edison bulb 60 watt equivalent produces 660 lumens with 6W led, neither too bright nor too dim, great for primary lighting or accent lighting, meets your multi-level lighting needs

Aesthetic ST64 bulb

Ultra-thin clear glass cover, attractive squirrel cage filaments design, 360 degree beam angle. Steampunk and retro decoration for vanity light, DIY light fixture or standard unit in dinning room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom

No flicker or strobe

The led filament light bulb could eliminate eyes exhaustion caused by the conventional light bulbs, effectively protecting your family’s eyesight

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