About 3-5 days.

About 15-28 days.

Since customized products need to go through several processes, such as sample making, confirmation, production and delivery, the time spent depends on the project. And we will also keep in touch with you to ensure that the entire customization time meets your expectations.

We will inform you by email accordingly. At the same time, you can log on to our tracking product page(https://www.shengqingtop.com/track-orders) to find out where the product is in real time.

At present, our website adopts paypal as payment method.Paypal’s security is beyond question.

Your payment has been blocked by Paypal internal security system.To protect your account, Paypal have set up a complex review process to review each payment before it is approved.This is similar to how most banks and credit card companies deal with it.

You may need to verify the email address associated with your PayPal account.

You may need to resolve an issue with your credit or debit card.

You may need to unlimit your PayPal account.

You may need to close a negative balance on your PayPal account.

Paypal may need to confirm the identity of your account holder. Paypal may ask you to answer some questions or receive a text message from Paypal.

The payee’s PayPal account is currently limited or has not completed account registration and cannot receive payment.If this is the case, the payee needs to settle his account first.


We offer 30-day returns and exchanges on all orders, hassle-free.

It will be refunded to your credit card in about 2-5 days, and the final bill should be equal to your actual consumption. Everything should be based on the bill.