How to Fix a Table Lamp

Bedside Table Lamp

Table lamps are incredibly useful. They provide sufficient light for you to perform tasks on a variety of surfaces. If you don’t use any table lamps, then I do wonder how you can ever cook, read or write in your own home with comfort. Table lamps are stronger and direct, so can help to protect your eyes.

Bedside Table Lamp

Table lamps are, unfortunately, prone to developing problems over time. Most people would simply toss them aside and replace them when this occurs. 

It usually isn’t actually all that difficult to fix a table lamp. The problems typically lie in a single part of the lamp. If you’re interested in saving a bit of money and maintaining your table lamps better, then you’re in the right place. Read on to learn how to fix a table lamp!

Check the Bulb First

If you haven’t checked the bulb yet, do that first! If the bulb is damaged or worn out, then it is incredibly easy to just replace it. Make sure you remove the table lamp from any source of power. Once you’ve done that, simply unscrew it  and insert a brand new light bulb of the same type. 

If the new bulb lights up when you reconnect the power, then problem solved! However, if it doesn’t, that means you have another issue with your lamp. If that is the case, there is only one thing to do: continue reading!

Dismantle Your Lamp

Step 1 – Remove the Plug from the Wall Socket

The first thing that you always need to do is to make certain that your table lamp is completely disconnected from any power source. Getting electrocuted while trying to fix your table lamp would not be ideal!

Once you’ve removed the plug from the wall socket, you’re ready to move onto the next step. 

Step 2 – Deal with the Easily Removed Parts First

The lampshade, lampshade holder or harp and light bulb are the easiest parts of the lamp to remove. For most table lamps, it is as simple as twisting then removing. However, if you’re having trouble removing any of these pieces, try to find a manual or ask the manufacturer. 

Step 3 – Inspect Your Socket Shell and Remove It

The most common socket shells actually have a sticker on them that shows you where to start working to remove it. Usually, you will squeeze a bolt on either side of where the sticker is. Once you’ve squeezed the bolts, the socket shell should be loose enough for you to slide it up and off the table lamp. 

If this is not what you find on your table lamp, do not despair! There are a few different methods, but most of them are very simple. You may need to remove a screw or bolt instead, but whatever it is, it should be fairly clear. 

If you do run into trouble, try asking for help from someone who has done it before. If you don’t know anyone, then you may need to take it to the manufacturer who sold it to you in the first place.

Table Lamp 1

Step 4 – Pull Out the Socket Switch and Remove the Wires

Before you do anything else, take a look at the screws holding the socket switch in place. If you notice that they are already loose before you’ve even done anything, then that may have been the problem in the first place. Tighten the screws and reassemble your table lamp. Try plugging it in and see if it works better now. 

If it still doesn’t work or the screws were already tight, continue loosening them and pulling up the socket switch. You do not need to take the socket switch off – all you have to do is expose the wiring inside it. 

Once you can see the wires, check where each wire is connected. There should be two wires. One wire is black and should be connected to a brass screw. The other is a white wire that should be connected to a silver screw. 

Assuming your table lamp was working prior to any issues, these wires should be correctly attached at this point. Take note of where the wires are attached before you remove them.

Step 5 – Determine the Problem and Replace It

Now that you have completely dismantled your table lamp, you can check to see which part is damaged. If none of the above problems turned up, inspect each individual part for any damage.

Once you locate the damaged part, you can bring it with you to the manufacturer and purchase a new one. Since you only had to replace one part instead of buying a whole new table lamp, it shouldn’t cost you all that much. 

Now that you have a new part, you can simply reassemble the table lamp and enjoy its strong light once again! 

Repairing a Damaged Power Cord

If the wiring in your power cord is causing the problem, you may not even need to replace the whole thing. If you can see the damaged portion of the wire, you can simply cut that portion off. 

Once you’ve done so, you will need to remove about an inch of the cord’s protective covering so that the ends of the wires are exposed again. Now, all you need to do is reattach the wires to the socket switch and you have a fully functional power cord again.

If you were still unable to fix your table lamp after following all of these tips and instructions, you will definitely want to bring it to a professional and have it checked out. Even if you weren’t able to repair it yourself, there is still a chance that a professional can fix it. 

If worst comes to worst and the table lamp is beyond repair, at least you tried your best to save it. Now you can replace your table lamp knowing that you did everything in your power to fix the old one!

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